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Consciously Creating Coaching Program Jan 2024

It is time to take all of the "stuff" that you have been through...all of the strategies that have helped you to the other side of challenge to success...and let's face it..."they" probably already come to you for your advice anyway!  It is your time to shine!

Join Master Coach and International Psychic Medium, Sam Black, on a 10 month supported journey to become a Consciously Creating Coach and get your business started or add additional skills for your current career!  This program is designed to walk you through all of the steps of creating your own individualized practise, designing programs with your ideal client in mind and setting yourself up for success!  

Included in this program is weekly content, bi-weekly group calls, monthly one on one calls and 2 hours of success planning upon completion!  You will have private support from Sam, your group of coaches to share, plan and grow with and practise clients!  

If you are ready to transform the lessons of your life, your passion for helping others and ability to create change and abundance in your life and the lives of others, this is the coaching program for you!

Here is what you can expect!

* Bi-weekly group coaching

* Weekly Lessons and activities

* Weekly recordings

* Study partners to practise with

*Monthly one on one calls with Sam

* Direct Access to Sam to have all of your questions answered along the way

* Ability to register as a Certified Consciously Creating Coach on the Consciously Creating Coach Directory upon completion

The fun all starts in January 2024!  Be sure to register as space will be limited!

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Welcome to the Consciously Creating Coaching Program!

This is the beginning of our journey and there is so much to come!  You will learn how to set up a coaching practise and program, learn skills and strategies to enhance your coaching style, have support from me and your fellow coaches and enjoy a safe atmosphere where you can ask any questions and tease out ideas!  We will blend tried and true techniques with intuitive insights for a well rounded coaching experience for you and your clients!

This is the module with links to our calls (which I encourage you to bookmark for easy reference later on!), instructions and setting yourself up for success!

If you need anything or have a question, please feel free to contact me directly at sam@samblackcoachingsolutions.com 

Introduction to Coaching

You have decided that you would like to become a coach!  This week we will take a deeper look at why you have chosen this profession, or skillset to add to your current profession, how you can help others and trends in the industry!

Numerology in Coaching

Astrology in Coaching

Teaching in Your Coaching Practise

Workshops, Podcasts and More, Oh My!

Plan Your Program

Setting Yourself Up for Success

The Art of Shifting Perspective in Coaching

Partnering in Your Community

Your Coaching Brand

Your Business Plan

Presenting Our Consciously Creating Coaches

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The Consciously Creating Coaching Program is a safe and supported space to learn, grow and share with your fellow coaches.  I understand that the content and information shared by Sam and my fellow classmates is confidential.  I will not copy, reproduce or share any content without the written permission of Sam Black or Brooklyn Black on behalf of Sam Black Coaching Solutions.

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