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Meditations and Regressions

Sam has been studying Past Life Regressions for many years and is a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner.  

Please do not use these meditations while driving or in the care of children.  It is important o give yourself uninterrupted time for the meditation and about 5-10 minutes following to give you an opportunity to reflect and journal.  Drinking water helps move the energy!

Coaching Solutions

As a Master Coach and Speaker, Sam helps others find the gems that they have inside and shows them how they can shine their light to the world!

With a tool box filled with many resources, Sam holds the following certifications and many more...

Master Coach Practitioner

Neurolinguistic Coach Practitioner

Hypnosis Practitioner

PSYCH K Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Sam also holds a Bachelor of Arts in History, Classical Studies, English and upgraded to include Social Work; as well as a Bachelor of Education.  She has a professional background in Social Work, Education and Direct Sales.

Healing Solutions

Healing comes together and is long lasting when we address the body, the mind and the spirit!  Sam is a Level 4 Lifeforce Energy Healer and has been practising Spiritual Healing for many years.  Sam serves as a healer at the Healing Temple in Lily Dale, NY and at Spiritualist Churches.


Sam loves to share insight and messages through readings and has done so for 30 years!  And, as much as she loves to give readings, Sam loves to help others tap into their intuition even more!  


Sam has been connecting with Spirit for as long as she can remember and has been sharing insights and messages from Spirit through Mediumship since the age of 14.  Sam offers her mediumship Internationally through private readings and platform/gallery work with audiences.  Sam has received numerous compliments for her accuracy and ability to help others find healing with their loved ones on the Spirit side of life.  

Podcasts and Interviews

Consciously Create Your Vision Workshop

Essential Oils Chakra Balancing

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