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Connecting with the Elements

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Welcome to the Connecting with the Elements course!  This introduction to the elements dives deep, exploring a variety of modalities, strengths and defence mechanisms of each of the four elements, earth, water, fire and air!  

When we have an understanding of how each element works and how it shows up for us and those we love, it can deepen our ability to heal, to expand and to balance our loves and relationships!  

This course is a great prerequisite for many of my programs, as we refer back to the elements often!  Some of the modalities that we will explore are the chakras, astrology, tarot, palmistry and more!  


We begin our elemental journey with the element of fire, with all of it's passion, initiation and ignition!


This week, we dive into the element of water and swim with emotion, flexibility and movement!


As we float and move with the element of air, we understand how this energy works to help us move forward, process and create!


This week we explore the element of earth and the ways that it brings healing and grounding to our lives.

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